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Ooooo, the eviiilness! Ha! I thought summer could be boring without lunch! But this, this thing they call high school, its so much worse..
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NAME: Mary

AGE: Im not telling...

HEIGHT: About 5'7" (I'm growing weeeee!)

Stuff I's Likes

Likes: Japanese, ANIME!!, MANGA!!!, the like. o_O Ooo, and ahnks.

Colours: Blue, Green, Blue-Green, Grey, Purple, Black, SILVER!

Creatures: Kitties and Draggies!!!

Hobbies: Writting, Drawing, Anime, Drawing Anime, Many things Anime, Zonening out, and food, mmmmm food.

Quotes: 'BAKA' 'Thanks, for a moment there I though I had lost my insanity.' 'So many pedestrians, so little time' 'SPEEDO! Stop peeking in the girls bathroom!'

Other: Neo (w00t!), MATRIX!, crushing Ian in DDR(I wish)

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:: Friday, July 18, 2003 ::


Yay! On Tuesday I became a 5th Gup! W00t W00t! For all of you who don't take Soo Bahk Do or haven't a clue to what I'm saying anyway, I became a greenbelt with one strip (a stage above green belt, then there's a second stripe added, then you become a red belt). Eee! Fun Fun!
:: mary 11:08 PM [+] ::
:: Thursday, July 10, 2003 ::
Hola. Yesterday was my b-day party, which r0x0r3d. And there still cake left over!! YAY!

Donnie Darko I discovered as of yesterday, is an awesome movie. Thank-you Amy for the movie! Watch it, or evil bunnies with fangs will come and kill you...
:: mary 3:29 PM [+] ::

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