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Ooooo, the eviiilness! Ha! I thought summer could be boring without lunch! But this, this thing they call high school, its so much worse..
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NAME: Mary

AGE: Im not telling...

HEIGHT: About 5'7" (I'm growing weeeee!)

Stuff I's Likes

Likes: Japanese, ANIME!!, MANGA!!!, the like. o_O Ooo, and ahnks.

Colours: Blue, Green, Blue-Green, Grey, Purple, Black, SILVER!

Creatures: Kitties and Draggies!!!

Hobbies: Writting, Drawing, Anime, Drawing Anime, Many things Anime, Zonening out, and food, mmmmm food.

Quotes: 'BAKA' 'Thanks, for a moment there I though I had lost my insanity.' 'So many pedestrians, so little time' 'SPEEDO! Stop peeking in the girls bathroom!'

Other: Neo (w00t!), MATRIX!, crushing Ian in DDR(I wish)

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:: Sunday, June 29, 2003 ::

I 've been gone such a long time 'o' ! Ahhhh! Ph34r me and my coming back-ness!!!! Since its now summer vacation (w00t w00t) I might occasionally come here to blabber about boring events, and there may be the occasional rant (Revolutions, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!) err, or, rather, rant like thing.
*Cries* Sunday school is no longer in session, that is a BAD thing since killing each other every Sunday was fun!
Eek! I'm a soon-to-be sophmore, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh! Thats not |<00L being a freshman was fun since everyone hated you! And sophmores are sketchy. Ee! I fit the description perfectly!
Well, its the summertime, and the weather is hot... *continues singing little song* Eerrr, umm yay! July 4th is this Fri, which means, dot dot dot, Next Lunes is my b-day! M3g4 |_|LTR4 W00T!!!!
Well I'm out of things to rant about. Err, sayonara baka-sama!
:: mary 3:34 PM [+] ::

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