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Ooooo, the eviiilness! Ha! I thought summer could be boring without lunch! But this, this thing they call high school, its so much worse..
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NAME: Mary

AGE: Im not telling...

HEIGHT: About 5'7" (I'm growing weeeee!)

Stuff I's Likes

Likes: Japanese, ANIME!!, MANGA!!!, the like. o_O Ooo, and ahnks.

Colours: Blue, Green, Blue-Green, Grey, Purple, Black, SILVER!

Creatures: Kitties and Draggies!!!

Hobbies: Writting, Drawing, Anime, Drawing Anime, Many things Anime, Zonening out, and food, mmmmm food.

Quotes: 'BAKA' 'Thanks, for a moment there I though I had lost my insanity.' 'So many pedestrians, so little time' 'SPEEDO! Stop peeking in the girls bathroom!'

Other: Neo (w00t!), MATRIX!, crushing Ian in DDR(I wish)

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:: Sunday, December 22, 2002 ::

Eek! Last time I wrote something was in November!! I'm not nice.

Well I'm here in the church office again and we're going to be eating pizza soon! w00t!! Unfortunatlely my friends don't seem to feel the same since they were just beating each other up (with recorders and clay none the less).

O, we have x-mas at our house this year and we haven't really done anything yet. AND CHRISTMAS IS THIS WEDNESDAY!!! '.';;

Yay the oizza is here, and I have to go. Toodles!
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