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Ooooo, the eviiilness! Ha! I thought summer could be boring without lunch! But this, this thing they call high school, its so much worse..
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NAME: Mary

AGE: Im not telling...

HEIGHT: About 5'7" (I'm growing weeeee!)

Stuff I's Likes

Likes: Japanese, ANIME!!, MANGA!!!, the like. o_O Ooo, and ahnks.

Colours: Blue, Green, Blue-Green, Grey, Purple, Black, SILVER!

Creatures: Kitties and Draggies!!!

Hobbies: Writting, Drawing, Anime, Drawing Anime, Many things Anime, Zonening out, and food, mmmmm food.

Quotes: 'BAKA' 'Thanks, for a moment there I though I had lost my insanity.' 'So many pedestrians, so little time' 'SPEEDO! Stop peeking in the girls bathroom!'

Other: Neo (w00t!), MATRIX!, crushing Ian in DDR(I wish)

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:: Thursday, November 28, 2002 ::

And tommorrow and the next day I don't have school! And theres snow! Quite a bit, this is excellent!

I'm very tired, I've been downloading anime theme songs all day (it was an early release) even though I was dead for awhile after I came home. Well I really shouldn't say tommorrow ^ since today is tommorrow which means tommorrow is friday which means tommorrows saturday. But today is now thursday, 1:05am thursday but thursday none the less. My hole sleeping schedule has been knocked off due to that alleged "nap" I had earlier. Stupid nap.

Goodnight, er, goodmorning? Well whatever, bye. *Walks off humming the opening to DBGT*
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:: Sunday, November 24, 2002 ::
Hi. Today I'm writting this from a church office. Woo, go me. There is a vicious boy, no other than Caleb, outside the office and he is causing casulaties throught the church. My friend Abby got her toe whacked and its all bloody. Eww... I'm warning you. He's terrorizing church offices and sunday school classes world wide. He is now leaving to go somewhere else, another church. Perphaps one near you.
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:: Tuesday, November 19, 2002 ::
If anyone wants to make my day, and you think I'm a geek or something of the sort, please e-mail me.

If anyone cares (and if you have a little sound manager thingy) you should put it on Forest. It sounds cool. And the midi for 'Crawling' on this site sounds really neat with it.

I'm writting this neat story called 'dream:', but I can't really give much info on it without giving it away, sry. This is the most I can probaly tell you:
first person from a tomboy-ish girl's point of view
the begining is based on a dream
people die, lots and lots

I would also like to make a formal complaint that I am not l33t. Waaaaaaaaahhh! *Sniff* I've got to become more of a gamer *Un-snif*

Well I better get a snack before resorting to cannabalism, which isn't a bad idea (where's Spedo when you need him!!)
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:: Wednesday, November 06, 2002 ::
Woooo!! Halloween was sweet! I got about 5lbs of candy! Cool, huh?
Well heres a little picy of me in my prettyful outfit... BEWARE OF SPIRA-SAN, SAYIAN WITH THE FROZEN HAIR!!!!

I had to make it a link, blah!

Neato isn't it. BTW my hair was sticking sorta out backwards but you really can see it. (Praise hair glue!)

At my school they put on the "Little Shop of Horrors" play. It was sooo funny! It's ashame you people didn't get to see it.

Well goodnight.
:: mary 9:25 PM [+] ::

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